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CD Production Links


Airwindows is the personal site of Chris Johnson, an artist in his own right (see his Ampcast page), who's written a piece of software called Mastering Tools.  This program, for Mac, is used to convert high-resolution (DAT and the like) audio data to the standard CD format, with unprecedented clarity, tone-control, and retention of subtlety.  Naturally, this tool is at its most effective in the hands of its original creator, and he's willing to use it on others' behalf on the stipulation that they give him a $0.01/sale royalty on the off chance they hit it big.

Recording and Mastering Services

Just Ahead Recording Studios

There are many reasons why the best engineers, producers, musicians and post-production professionals in the world use Pro Tools over any other digital audio system. Recording, Editing, Mastering, Midi and Results! The fininshed product sounds better and is easy to make changes in the future. All information is digital, therefore it can be stored on the computers hard disc and later changed, altered, copied , pasted and quick punched (punched-in on the fly) to provide seamless editing for correcting any bad takes. ProTools is Non-Linear which means that there is no rewind time in the studio which helps to speed up the recording process and saving studio time and money.


Music Broadcast Links

    Love Radio

Love Radio features independent artists, mostly local to the Atlanta, GA region.  Services provided, however, extend far beyond simply webcasting a group's music.  Promotion, CD production, band website design, even construction of low-cost computers, they'll do everything it takes to give an artist the tools to build their own success.

Music Production and Artist Education Links


Keyboard lesson clinic, including Cakewalk and Sonar computer programs for MIDI recording and editing.  Private and group lessons are available, as well as offering computer systems and related equipment tailored specifically to the needs of musicians.  Instrument repair, rental, and sales available.
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    MBCMusic Business Consultants

We are all you need to know about the music business.

If no is your answer to any of these questions, then you need to be working with us:
  • Does your indie label have distribution?
  • Is your product receiving radio airplay?
  • Is your radio airplay being tracked?
  • Are your record sales being tracked?
Call us at 404-586-0037 or visit

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