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  1. I Come In Peace



His name is CPR’A – which stands for College Park Rugged Angel a.k.a. Sultan/Guru.  He earned both of these names – for as the slogan says – ‘I’m for the people, not over them.”  CPR’A has established himself as a force in his community with his own record label called PREST Galaxy Entertainment (Poetic Rap Entrepreneur Story Teller).  The title indicates that he got his start as a rapper by doing Spoken Word reciting his poetry to audiences in the Atlanta area.


CPR’A’s background has influenced his style of music.  He was born in 1982 in Atlanta, GA.  He lived in College Park, GA all of his life. He was raised mostly by strong women (his mother and grandmother).  But he also owes a lot of his ‘street knowledge’ to his father figure – his uncle.  Before his father’s death – his dad was never involved in CPR’A’s upbringing.  However – he now recognizes that God is the power source and the light that directs his life.


Putting his experiences into his music – CPR’A uses his uplifting gift  to rap about life – with a ring of truth and realness – boldly displaying what he feels is inspiration to others and fulfilling what he was placed here to do.  This type of coming is the unleasing of the artist CPR’A.    

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Raised in a single parent home – Biyah’s love for music began at a very age.  Music became the escape he needed to free his mind of worries and family problems.  This Seminole County (Donaldsonville, Georgia) native relocated to the Miami (Florida) area where he met all the challenges offered by MCs in the city.


The Atlanta area became his next home base and Biyah formed a rap group called The Roundtable.  Hip hop producer – Mastermind took the Roundtable into the recording to take their careers to the next level.  Things took a turn for the worse as his best friend Jerome was killed in an automobile accident.  In an attempt to fill the void – Biyah joined up with several more groups but found that he would make it best as a solo artist.  His partner in crime could not be replaced and things just weren’t the same.


“Whatever I do, I’m doing it for us,” states Biyah.  “I’m determined to  live out our dream.”  New singles from Biyah include “Tha Flo,” “Ta Back,” “Chevy’z & Lac’z and “Back Up.”  Biyah has a strong underground following and he has performed all over the Southeast region. 





Sha-King is originally from The Bronx New York, the birthplace of Hip Hop music. He now resides in the South where he has just finished recording his Chastity Records release "The 13th Jewel". 
    At an early age he became very interested in writing. Sha-King is a huge fan of all types of music from Classical, to Hip Hop. This is the essence of his amazing  talent of using words to paint picture perfect images in the minds of his audience.
    His musical influences range from Prince, The Bee Gee's, Eric Clapton, and groups like The Foreigners, to Artist such as Rakim, KRS, G. Rap, Kane, 2Pac, Big, Jay-Z, and Nas.     
    Sha-King takes pride in writing what he lives. His motto is "You can't talk it, if you aint live it." Sha-King writes about life experiences we all can relate to. He lives in the studio; Sha-King has a repertoire of over 200 songs. His sound is very versatile, ranging from "radio friendly" to hardcore underground hip-hop. Sha-King is the cross road where industry meets street. Keeping his ear to the ground he has got to be the hardest working Artist in the business today.
    Sha-King has created a huge following from New York to Atlanta, performing at local clubs like The Sugar Shack, 3G&W, Level II, & The Aquarium, to major venues such as The West Fest, and the Sweet Auburn Festival in Atl. Ga. With his hard work, dedication, and ambition he has destined himself for major success.     
    With his much awaited debut album "The 13th Jewel", he plans to take the world by storm. The 13th Jewel is composed of seventeen tracks, all with chart topping potential. From the start of the CD with the boastful title track "13th Jewel", Sha-King manages to take you on a mental tour of life as he visions it. With songs like "How Could U?" tackling the harsh realities of growing up without a father present, to the underground anthem "Streets Got Me Stressed". Sha-King really showcases his talent of taking an actual situation and broadcasting it to his listeners as if they were sitting right there.
Chastity Records CEO A.D. Brown:
    "Be on the watch for Hip Hop's new King, this guy is going all the way to the top." When asked: "In such an aggressive market what is Sha-King's formula for success?" He confidently answered, "He's a triple threat, and they'll never see him coming."



Ill Characters

Not your average hip hop group, Ill Characters and ICM (Ill Characters Media, LLC.) are as eclectically, actively creative in their work as they are diverse and, again, eclectic in their members' origins.

Ill Characters aren't your average hip hop group.

Four of the members are black, two are white, and one is biracial. Three are from the South, three are from the East, and one is from the Midwest. Their spiritual affiliations range from Islam to Buddhism. After producing the critically-acclaimed independent film 'Conversation for a Dollar', the Ill Characters are slated to release their first LP, entitled Mental Illness, on October 1st 2002.

What makes the Ill Characters' sound so unique is the diversity of its creators. The combination of divergent accents, cadences, and rhyme patterns creates a powerful, complex, and completely original group sound.

The Ill Characters possess a special blend of personal charisma and physical appeal that fascinates audiences. Their material is edgy enough to satisfy the hardest-core rap fan, but also engaging and approachable enough to attract mainstream listeners.

Mental Illness is at once a return and a departure. It is a return to the traditional values of hip hop music - intelligent lyrics, inventive rap styles, and creative beats. But it s a departure from the present incarnation of hip hop culture and its obsession with material wealth and exultation of style over substance.

Mental Illness is something of an anomaly among hip hop records. With complete in-house production, the album contains no samples and features live instrumentation from many talented musicians including funk jazz guitarist Zedrick Kelley, Memphis vocalist Ashley Elise, and Greek percussionist Geno Kalkanoglu.


Mr. Pain

Songs on "That's How It Is":

My Block
Hold On.
Down Here

Hardy Boyz ( 803)

The Group 803 is comprised of
Anthony Teasley A.K.A Kool-Aid, Charles Rhinehart A.K.A Mr. Low, Felipe Reid A.K.A. Big Leep

Who is 803: Three young southern rappers from Rock Hill, SC. The three have been together for over eight years. They have been entertaining since the age of 9; Kool-Aid was the rapper, Mr. Low and Big Leep were dancers. Things have changed over the years and so have their careers. Now, the highly respected rap trio 803 has taken things to new heights. The trio entered into several talent showcases, and by no one’s surprise is winning almost every event. After performing in the local shows, the trio felt it was time to take it a step further. 803’s first big performance came on May5, 1996 at the Charlotte West Festival where independent and mini-major labels were in the audience and recognized the talent of the three young rappers. Shortly after, they also shocked the crowd by a hot appearance at the Two Bad record release party. Since then, 803 have signed with the independent label Punch Line Entertainment and have completed their debut album “You Don’t Want No Drama Down Here.”

Objective: TO build awareness of 803 with the single “Down Here”. This will build the anticipation for the full release that will ship in high numbers and become a top seller throughout the 2nd and third quarters. As we all know, southern Hiphop has made a major impact on the music industry in the past 5-7 years. We’re looking to take two young country thugs from the street corner style of rapping to national superstar entertainers. Every generation has teen idols, DMX, Nas, Jay-Z, Cash Money, Master P, Puff Daddy, and now 803.

Influences: 803 has been influenced by rappers such as Scarface, Trick Daddy, DMX, UGK, Dr. Dre, Outkast, and Master P.

Goals: To achieve platinum status and become CEO of Hardy Style Records within the next 5 years.

Accomplishments: 803 have been featured on the movie sound track “In This Corner”, performed with Ying Yang Twins, Miracle, Uncle Luke, Ludacris, and was recently asked to complete a college tour with KRS ONE.








ATL Giants have been performing solely in the southeastern part )f the U.S. Since the beginning of last spring, All Giants have showed audiences that it is still good rap in the rural parts of the south. They have performed at The Sweet Auburn Fest, Nashville Memorial Day Jam w/DJ Butterfly, the Annual Cascade Springfest, Nu Money club in Macon, Warner Robhins, GA, the family fair in Elberton, GA. Cal-rip and LII Chris a.k.a. Truble are quite energetic when it comes to lyrics. And their tracks compliment their voices so casually, that it just seems like its the perfect creation. Their past audiences have been very pleased with their live performance and usually want them to come and perform at other events in their town.




          lbum: Rellik: 1st of the Last Born (explicit) Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. First of the Last Born
3. Baller*
4. Keep Move'n
5. Duck Down
6. Will U Wait for Me
7. Do it Gul*
8. Interlude
9. Can't Ride (feat. Hitt Man)*
10. Truth
11. Get Buck
12. Freedom (feat. Afrah)


re-llik/'rell~ik n. 1. 1st of the last born. 2. A survival; a remaining trace. 3. Something that is rare; one of a kind. 4. An object regarded with reverence or respect because it is associated with Christ or a Saint.

Jerel "Rellik" Simon, a new artist from Mobile, AL. Rellik is the feature artist Hitt House Records. He has been a part of the music world since the age of 11 when he started out by playing trumpet at Adams Middle School in Mobile. He began writing lyrics and songs at the age of 14 and has been featured on numerous underground and compilation albums such as: Shake 20 Productions, Tripple Ace Compilation, Hitt Man, Ghetto Green Compilation, ect. One of the hottest producers in the Southeast, Rellik has been compared to artist such as Busta Rymes , DMX and Mystikal due to his grindy voice and forceful lyrics. He has also been involved in numerous concerts as an opening act for Ludacris, Magic of New No Limit Records, Three 6 Mafia, Trick Daddy, Trina, Lil Flip, B. G., and a host of others. Audiences stand in awe when he takes the stage as his performance demands attention. Rellik has attacked the hip hop world with his first solo project , "1st of the Last Born", demonstrating his versatility on every track. From his ability to write and deliver, to his musicianship and vocal skills, without a doubt, Rellik is the "next big thing" of the hip-hop world. No one who listens to this rare talent is not effected.

Rellik comes from the country dirt roads of Saraland, (Black Jack) Alabama. He was raised by his grandmother, Lucille Simon Law, who taught him the meanings and values of life. A graduate "magna cum laude" from the ruff streets of the M.O.B., (Mobile, AL), he was able to "flip the script" by using his knowledge of the street game to enhance his knowledge of the hip hop game. Knowing that the street game doesn't last forever, Rellik decided to go full time with his music career.

"I'm lost without my music", Rellik implies as he was interviewed by Yellow Tape Films and Entertainment. "It helps me to get through the good times and the bad times. It prevents me from making fatal mistakes that can hurt me in the long run. It is my testimony. It is my gift from God that I will not let go to waste. It is my life, and I am Rellik spell backwards Killer." Rellik, a.k.a., "The Alabanga Superstar", is the new hot voice of the south. He is on the fast track to becoming the first real hip hop artist from the Mobile, AL area to make it big and open the doors for many other talented artist in the Gulf Coast Area.