Theodis Ealey Theodis Ealey, currently known worldwide as a skilled guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and producer for Ichiban Records, began his career at the tender age of thirteen as a basist with Y Z Ealey and the Merrymakers, a band consisting of Theodis' brothers, Y Z and Melwin.  Theodis made his performance debut at a nightclub called the Horseshoe Circle in his hometown of Natchez, Mississippi.  After a year of playing bass, Theodis began to hone his skills as a guitarist with a local-based group called Eugene Butler and the Rocking Royals.

The Theodis Ealey Band has, on occasion, backed such artists as Little Milton, Johnny Clyde Copeland, Richard "Dimples" Fields, the Blues Brothers, and the legendary Charles Brown.  Theodis attributes his versatility as an artist to such greats and legends as Chuck Berry, Lightning Hopkins, B. B. King, Hank Williams, and Otis Redding - actually, just about all of the 'great' blues, soul, country, and rock artists.  "I like to watch rock musicians because they exert so much energy and passion.  I try to incorporate those same aspects into the blues."  Indeed, it is Theodis' energy on and off the stage that you first notice.  His diversity and energetic delivery have enabled Theodis to develop his own inimitable style.

In 1990, Theodis began to search for his voice as an artist.  His subsequent signing with Ichiban Records, a respected blues label, gave Theodis the opportunity to explore the potential his multi-faceted background offered.  He did just that.  A few short years and four groundbreaking CDs later, Theodis finds himself a respected artist and performer.  He holds among his many credits several European tours, an appearance in the NBC movie of the week, 'A Kiss to Die For', a commercial spot with a delivery of the blues to introduce the Smurfs to the Cartoon Network, being a source musician and making a brief appearance in the Emmy award-winning HBO movie special, "Mis Evers' Boys', as well as being the recipient of the Male Vocalist Top Star award in the San Fransisco bay area in 1994, and the Mo' Better Blues Male Artist award in Atlanta in 1997.  His most recent credits include being featured as a guest vocalist with the renouwned rap group Ghetto Mafia on their latest CD entitled 'On Da Grind', an appearance in a Rooms To Go cmmercial, and playing the role of Guitar Man in the stage production 'SPUNK' presented by Jomandi Productions.  Theodis' music is a staple for radio stations across the United States and an ever-growing fan base, both in the states and abroad, will enable him to elevate to superstar status.

Due to the demise of Ichiban Records, Theodis is now a part of IFGAM Records, a new Atlanta-based record label.  Theodis current CD, titled 'It's A Real Good Thang', was released on IFGAM Records in February 2002.  In addition to the good 'high energy' blues and soul that Theodis is so aptly known or, the CD also features colaborations with Francine Reed and Chick Willis.

It's a Real Good Thang Songs on "It's a Real Good Thang":

  1. All My Baby Left Me Was A Note, My Guitar and A Cookie Jar
  2. Reconsider Baby
  3. Baby, You've Got What It Takes
  4. You've Got To Hurt Before You Heal
  5. It's A Real Good Thang
  6. If You Leave Me, I'm Going Wit'Cha 2002
  7. I Want You
  8. Ain't No Sunshine
  9. You and I Together
  10. Theo's Groove
  11. (bonus track) All My Baby Left Me Was A Note, My Guitar and A Cookie Jar 2002 (Radio Mix)
Sample songs are downmixed to 56kbit mono MP3's, and are between thirty and sixty seconds in length.

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To get in touch with Theodis Ealey, please contact Tom Davis of Love Radio at 404-523-2656.