Shirley Diamond Ladies and Gentlemen!  Shirley Diamond has been an opening act for many years in the R&B, blues, jazz, and gospel fields of show business.  She is a very creative school teacher, showing she loves children and people from all walks of life.  Naturally enough, she sings to her class.  Now, it is time for you to know the songstress in person and get to hear the commanding voice of Shirley Diamond

Shirley Diamond may have started off rough, but has become polished with her many years of experience in the music world.  Think of some of the best.  She calls them her mentors; Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn, Nancy Wilson, Ray Charles, Billie Holiday, and you will get to see how professional she really is.  Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, and Gladys Knight play very important roles in her style.

Shirley Diamond has her own unique style to deliver to any audience. R&B, rock, and jazz are the three engredients that this talented singer/entertainer combines to create her own sound and performance.  Her mother played a very important role in her career on stage as a dancer and performing artist.

There have been many major musical highlights in Shirley Diamond's career.  The seven-month multi-tour with the late but great Johnnie Taylor; she had positions such as his opening act and background singer, and dual performances.  She sang at Montreax Festival at Piedmont Park, and performed at Danta's in Underground Atlanta.  The Magic Mushroom Project brought a lot of personal experience to the music world, traveling to many places from the high mountains of New York to the sandy beaches of Miami, Florida.  Performances with Trudy Lynn, Kesha Jackson, Millie Jackson, Bobby Blue Bland, The Barkays, Tyrone Davis; all of these performances give highlights to this entertainer's career.  For the year 2001, on two separate shows, she was the opening act for the legendary Lenny Williams.

Shirley Diamond has recorded two CD's and, presently, Ms. Diamond is working on her own musical project, self-produced.  Keep your eyes and ears alert because this CD will be released in the early summer of 2002.

A few words from Shirley:
I ENJOYED PERFORMING FOR SAVANAH'S BLACK HISTORY THIS FEBRUARY MONTH FEATURING SHONT'E MOORE AND ALSO, ANN NESBY. STILL PERFORMING WITH THE GREATS. Shirley Diamond upcoming events. Check it out! June 22, 2002 in Charlotte, North Carolina at The Queen City Music Festival, starting; Bobby Womack, Rick James Lakeside, Millie Jackson, Lennie Williams, Ann Nesby and Shirley Diamond. Also, appearing right here in Atlanta, Saturday, July 27, Underground Atlanta in Kenny's Alley Alabama St. with the Bretheren Band for "THE GREAT ATLANTA MUSIC FEST." SPONSORED BY WILLIE HUNTER, DEBBIE IRELAND AND TOM DAVIS.

Purchase The Soul of a Diamond Songs on "The Soul of a Diamond":

  1. You Don't Have to be Sad to Sing the Blues - Shirley & Magic Mushroom
  2. See and Don't See - Shirley & Magic Mushroom
  3. Don't Listen to my Neighbor's Talk - Shirley
  4. I get High on You - Shirley
  5. Cry - Shirley & Magic Mushroom
  6. Inner City Blues - Shirley, Mark Hodgson, & Magic Mushroom
  7. Homewrecker - Shirley & Magic Mushroom
  8. New Love - Shirley & Magic Mushroom
  9. Say It's Not So - Shirley & Magic Mushroom
  10. Dead Dogs Don't Fold - Shirley & Magic Mushroom
  11. Weary of the Walk - Shirley & Magic Mushroom
  12. Nothing Take the Place of You - Shirley & Magic Mushroom
  13. Winter - Shirley
  14. Passion or Pain - Shirley
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