Kindle Williams, Sr. Hey!  Hey!  The Blues is alright.  In fact, it's all-LIVE and kickin' when it comes to Kindle Williams, Sr.  He's serving up a heaping helping of soul-sockin' Blues and R&B -- with a rockin' edge.  It's alright.  It's alright.  It's alright...  Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Williams has been laying the groundwork for success in the music business for twenty-plus years -- despite his youthful appearance.  Topping out at 5'5", Williams may be a little fella, but he's bringing big fun!

Quick to remind you "great things come in little packages," Williams talks softly -- but sings boldly -- and carries a B-I-G guitar.  Notorious for his stage antics and interactive format, Williams reaches out to his audience with a soul-stirring tenor vocal range and plays some mean guitar licks to match.  Once cited for doing over 85mph in the middle of a guitar solo, Williams offers scorching renditions of original and cover tunes you don't want to miss.  Currently making the rounds on his own behalf, Williams previously toured the Blues circuit as a bandmember for Clarence Carter and Chuck Strong.

With show band style and road show enthusiasm, Williams pays homage to the genre's origin -- while presenting the music's most contemporary form.  The band's repertoire features Malaco covers, Memphis Soul and similar tunes -- sprinkled with guitar-oriented derivatives, a dash of traditional Blues fare, and a hint of R&B.  Illegal?  Immoral?  Fattening?  Two out of three ain't bad.  Come and get it.  You'd better!

Kindle Williams, Sr., founder of Blue Soul Entertainment, composes, produces, publishes and distributes original compositions -- and manages a website, mailing list, tour schedule, and original music catalog.

Blue Funk Songs on "Blue Funk":

  1. Justashuffle
  2. N.T.R.O. / Bluesoulute
  3. Bigger Fool
  4. Rude Awakening
  5. Solow
  6. Soul Shuffle / Kindle's Groove
  7. Lookin' for a Girl
  8. Booty-licious Baby
  9. Rude Reprise
  10. Blue Funk
Sample songs are downmixed to 56kbit mono MP3's, and are between thirty and sixty seconds in length.

Track and album purchasing system still under construction.

To get in touch with Kindle Williams, Sr., please contact Tom Davis of Love Radio at 404-523-2656.