Harvey Scales Harvey Scales is one of the hardest-working entertainers in the business today.  He turned the songwriting world upside-down when he wrote the grammy-winning hit, "Disco Lady", the most popular song recorded by Johnny Taylor.  Harvey has also written smash hits for the Ojays, the Dramatics, M.C. Hammer, Biz Markie, Jessie James, Marilyn McCoo, C.L. Smooth, and Pete Rock, to name a few.  He's also written for some of the most recent of flourishing artists, such as Jay Z's protege Beanie Sigel's hit song "Mom's Prayin" on his new album, "The Reason".

Harvey is busy promoting his blues album, "Somebody Else's Somebody", certain to be a hot, stirring soul CD.  Currently Harvey is putting the wraps on another album, his brand new soul gem titled, "Keep it on the Hush Hush!".

In 2001 Harvey and his band "The Seven Sounds" played for the Milwaukee Bucks and the Philadelphia 76er's at the Milwaukee Bradley Center, an event that rocked the city and left a memorable impression among his admiring fans. He possesses a style not often seen in the industry, that shows his confidence, drive, and his dedication to delivering great music that his audience both wants and appreciates.

By balancing both sides as he's well proven able to, Harvey is a very unique and sought-after entertainer.

Purchase Somebody Else's Somebody Songs on "Somebody Else's Somebody":

  1. That Thang That U Got
  2. Somebody Else's Somebody
  3. Bad News Travels Fast
  4. Giving U What U Want
  5. Front Door, Back Door
  6. Who You Gonna Believe?
  7. The Blues Is In The House
  8. That Thang That U Got (Rap)
  9. I'd Do It With You
  10. I Can Take A Hint
  11. Party Till U Sweat
  12. Slow Roll Me
  13. I'm In Love
  14. Too Much Is Not Enough
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