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Songs on "Somebody Else's Somebody":


  1. That Thang That U Got

  2. Somebody Else's Somebody

  3. Bad News Travels Fast

  4. Giving U What U Want

  5. Front Door, Back Door

  6. Who You Gonna Believe?

  7. The Blues Is In The House

  8. That Thang That U Got (Rap)

  9. I'd Do It With You

  10. I Can Take A Hint

  11. Party Till U Sweat

  12. Slow Roll Me

  13. I'm In Love

  14. Too Much Is Not Enough

Harvey Scales
Harvey Scales has written some of the biggest songs of the decade, recorded by some of the hottest names, such as Grammy-winning "Disco Lady" sung by Johnnie Taylor, and "Once is Not Enough" sung by the O'Jays.  His latest hit singles, "Spend the Night Forever" and "Single Girls", promise to be the biggest hits of all time.

Harvey Scales is one of the hardest-working entertainers in the business today.  He turned the songwriting world upside-down when he wrote the grammy-winning hit, "Disco Lady", the most popular song recorded by Johnny Taylor.  Harvey has also written smash hits for the Ojays, the Dramatics, M.C. Hammer, Biz Markie, Jessie James, Marilyn McCoo, C.L. Smooth, and Pete Rock, to name a few.  He's also written for some of the most recent of flourishing artists, such as Jay Z's protege Beanie Sigel's hit song "Mom's Prayin" on his new album, "The Reason".

Harvey is busy promoting his blues album, "Somebody Else's Somebody", certain to be a hot, stirring soul CD.  Currently Harvey is putting the wraps on another album, his brand new soul gem titled, "Keep it on the Hush Hush!".

In 2001,  Harvey and his band "The Seven Sounds" played for the Milwaukee Bucks and the Philadelphia 76er's at the Milwaukee Bradley Center, an event that rocked the city and left a memorable impression among his admiring fans. He possesses a style not often seen in the industry, that shows his confidence, drive, and his dedication to delivering great music that his audience both wants and appreciates.

By balancing both sides as he's well proven able to, Harvey is a very unique and sought-after entertainer.


Songs on "Blue Funk":


1. Justashuffle
2. N.T.R.O. / Bluesoulute
3. Bigger Fool
4. Rude Awakening
5. Solow
6. Soul Shuffle / Kindle's Groove
7. Lookin' for a Girl
8. Booty-licious Baby
9. Rude Reprise
10. Blue Funk
Sample songs are downmixed to 56kbit mono MP3's, and are between thirty and sixty seconds in length.
Kindle Williams, Sr.

"I think of myself as a musical misfit," says Williams, 34, a bandleader / guitarist / songwriter.  "I'm too traditional for contemporary people and too contemporary for traditional people."

Hey! Hey! The Blues is alright. In fact, it's all-LIVE and kickin' when it comes to Kindle Williams, Sr. He's serving up a heaping helping of soul-sockin' Blues and R&B -- with a rockin' edge. It's alright. It's alright. It's alright... Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Williams has been laying the groundwork for success in the music business for twenty-plus years -- despite his youthful appearance. Topping out at 5'5", Williams may be a little fella, but he's bringing big fun!

Quick to remind you "great things come in little packages," Williams talks softly -- but sings boldly -- and carries a B-I-G guitar. Notorious for his stage antics and interactive format, Williams reaches out to his audience with a soul-stirring tenor vocal range and plays some mean guitar licks to match. Once cited for doing over 85mph in the middle of a guitar solo, Williams offers scorching renditions of original and cover tunes you don't want to miss. Currently making the rounds on his own behalf, Williams previously toured the Blues circuit as a bandmember for Clarence Carter and Chuck Strong.

With show band style and road show enthusiasm, Williams pays homage to the genre's origin -- while presenting the music's most contemporary form. The band's repertoire features Malaco covers, Memphis Soul and similar tunes -- sprinkled with guitar-oriented derivatives, a dash of traditional Blues fare, and a hint of R&B. Illegal? Immoral? Fattening? Two out of three ain't bad. Come and get it. You'd better!

Kindle Williams, Sr., founder of Blue Soul Entertainment, composes, produces, publishes and distributes original compositions -- and manages a website, mailing list, tour schedule, and original music catalog.

Songs on "The Soul of a Diamond":


  1. You Don't Have to be Sad to Sing the Blues - Shirley & Magic Mushroom
  2. See and Don't See - Shirley & Magic Mushroom
  3. Don't Listen to my Neighbor's Talk - Shirley
  4. I get High on You - Shirley
  5. Cry - Shirley & Magic Mushroom
  6. Inner City Blues - Shirley, Mark Hodgson, & Magic Mushroom
  7. Homewrecker - Shirley & Magic Mushroom
  8. New Love - Shirley & Magic Mushroom
  9. Say It's Not So - Shirley & Magic Mushroom
  10. Dead Dogs Don't Fold - Shirley & Magic Mushroom
  11. Weary of the Walk - Shirley & Magic Mushroom
  12. Nothing Take the Place of You - Shirley & Magic Mushroom
  13. Winter - Shirley
  14. Passion or Pain - Shirley
Sample songs are downmixed to 56kbit mono MP3's, and are between thirty and sixty seconds in length.

Shirley Diamond

Shirley Diamond: A talented and versatile stylist of pop, rhythm & blues, jazz, blues, rock, and gospel, she's one of Atlanta's many aspiring singers.  A life-long lover of music, Shirley is a native Atlantian.

Ladies and Gentlemen!  Shirley Diamond has been an opening act for many years in the R&B, blues, jazz, and gospel fields of show business.  She is a very creative school teacher, showing she loves children and people from all walks of life.  Naturally enough, she sings to her class.  Now, it is time for you to know the songstress in person and get to hear the commanding voice of Shirley Diamond

Shirley Diamond has her own unique style to deliver to any audience. R&B, rock, and jazz are the three engredients that this talented singer/entertainer combines to create her own sound and performance.  Her mother played a very important role in her career on stage as a dancer and performing artist.

Shirley Diamond has recorded two CD's and, presently, Ms. Diamond is working on her own musical project, self-produced.  Keep your eyes and ears alert because this CD will be released in the early summer of 2002.

A few words from Shirley:
I ENJOYED PERFORMING FOR SAVANAH'S BLACK HISTORY THIS FEBRUARY MONTH FEATURING SHONT'E MOORE AND ALSO, ANN NESBY. STILL PERFORMING WITH THE GREATS. Shirley Diamond upcoming events. Check it out! June 22, 2002 in Charlotte, North Carolina at The Queen City Music Festival, starting; Bobby Womack, Rick James Lakeside, Millie Jackson, Lennie Williams, Ann Nesby and Shirley Diamond. Also, appearing right here in Atlanta, Saturday, July 27, Underground Atlanta in Kenny's Alley Alabama St. with the Bretheren Band for "THE GREAT ATLANTA MUSIC FEST." SPONSORED BY WILLIE HUNTER, DEBBIE IRELAND AND TOM DAVIS.


Songs on "It's a Real Good Thang":


  1. All My Baby Left Me Was A Note, My Guitar and A Cookie Jar
  2. Reconsider Baby
  3. Baby, You've Got What It Takes
  4. You've Got To Hurt Before You Heal
  5. It's A Real Good Thang
  6. If You Leave Me, I'm Going Wit'Cha 2002
  7. I Want You
  8. Ain't No Sunshine
  9. You and I Together
  10. Theo's Groove
  11. (bonus track) All My Baby Left Me Was A Note, My Guitar and A Cookie Jar 2002 (Radio Mix)

Theodis Ealey

'High Energy' blues, with influences of soul, rock, and country, describes this talented, multi-faceted guitarist and vocalist.

Theodis Ealey, currently known worldwide as a skilled guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and producer for Ichiban Records, began his career at the tender age of thirteen as a basist with Y Z Ealey and the Merrymakers, a band consisting of Theodis' brothers, Y Z and Melwin.  Theodis made his performance debut at a nightclub called the Horseshoe Circle in his hometown of Natchez, Mississippi.  After a year of playing bass, Theodis began to hone his skills as a guitarist with a local-based group called Eugene Butler and the Rocking Royals.

In 1990, Theodis began to search for his voice as an artist.  His subsequent signing with Ichiban Records, a respected blues label, gave Theodis the opportunity to explore the potential his multi-faceted background offered.  He did just that.  A few short years and four groundbreaking CDs later, Theodis finds himself a respected artist and performer.  He holds among his many credits several European tours, an appearance in the NBC movie of the week, 'A Kiss to Die For', a commercial spot with a delivery of the blues to introduce the Smurfs to the Cartoon Network, being a source musician and making a brief appearance in the Emmy award-winning HBO movie special, "Mis Evers' Boys', as well as being the recipient of the Male Vocalist Top Star award in the San Fransisco bay area in 1994, and the Mo' Better Blues Male Artist award in Atlanta in 1997.  His most recent credits include being featured as a guest vocalist with the renouwned rap group Ghetto Mafia on their latest CD entitled 'On Da Grind', an appearance in a Rooms To Go cmmercial, and playing the role of Guitar Man in the stage production 'SPUNK' presented by Jomandi Productions.  Theodis' music is a staple for radio stations across the United States and an ever-growing fan base, both in the states and abroad, will enable him to elevate to superstar status.

Due to the demise of Ichiban Records, Theodis is now a part of IFGAM Records, a new Atlanta-based record label.  Theodis current CD, titled 'It's A Real Good Thang', was released on IFGAM Records in February 2002.  In addition to the good 'high energy' blues and soul that Theodis is so aptly known or, the CD also features colaborations with Francine Reed and Chick Willis.


Track List for 'Memories of You'


1. C.O.D. - Albert King & Leo Gooden
2. Turning The Same Ole Corners - Trudy Lynn - Trudy Lynn Music, Jus blues Music - BMI
3. Do Ya? - K. T. Oslin
4. No Deposit No Return - Trudy Lynn - Trudy Lynn Music, Jus blues Music - BMI
5. Snatching It Back - Trudy Lynn - Trudy Lynn Music, Jus blues Music - BMI
6. If My Pillow Could Talk - Jim Payne - Boodga Dooga Music - BMI
7. Precious Moments - Trudy Lynn - Trudy Lynn Music, Jus blues Music - BMI
8. Reneged On Me - Harin Griffen - Trudy Lynn - Trudy Lynn Music, Jus blues Music - BMI
9. Helping Hand Blues You - Trudy Lynn - Trudy Lynn Music, Jus blues Music - BMI
1. Memories Of You - Trudy Lynn - Trudy Lynn Music, Jus blues Music - BMI
11. Can't Even Get The Blues - Reba McEntire, T. Damphier, R. Carnes
1. I Know Why - Joe Louis Walker - Bosstalkin' music - BMI


Track List for 'Trudy Lynn - Live in Tiel, Holland'


1. Everyday / Goin' to Chicago / Stormy Monday
2. Loose Lips
3. Steal Away
4. Woman in Me
5. When Something is Wrong
6. Wang Dang Doodle
7. Dr. Feelgood
8. Nighttime
9. Come to Mama

Trudy Lynn

With her latest CD's, 'Memories of You' and 'Trudy Lynn - Live in Tiel, Holland', Trudy continues to define and redefine the sound of blues.

Born and raised in Houston's music-rich Fifth Ward, Trudy Lynn began singing in an era when the neighborhood's blues and early R&B culture was first turning on to a new sound known simply as soul. As a younger female working with established hometown favorites such as guitarists Albert Collins and Clarence Green, Trudy learned how to fuse classic blues elements with the music of the moment. Playing for savvy audiences at places such as Walter's Lounge, she quickly came to understand that the freshly budding flower had to be connected to its roots to survive.
It's a lesson that Trudy never forgotten. And as she's evolved--as both singer and songwriter--it's been the fundamental philosophy behind her distinctive, multi-faceted style. "I'm not a so much a blues singer; I'm a soul-blues singer," she says. "Now I can do traditional. I can do ail types. I can even do country, you know. But my first thing is really soul--kind of soul and blues mixed together."

Beyond any quibbling about musical categorization, Trudy's work also speaks to the universal human condition, experiences all people can appreciate. "I write, and I enjoy, songs about real life," she explains. "1 don't care about trends, you know. I like writing about life." Combined with her capacity for delivering convincing vocal interpretations, a Trudy Lynn track simply tells it like it is-- the straight and timeless truth.
"I've been writing songs a long time. I just didn't start recording them until more recently," she also points out. During her developing years in Houston, she began by filling the pages of paper tablets with original lyrics, words that often came to her spontaneously as she mused on life and its ups and downs. Occasionally she would show the scribbled results to peers such as singer-guitarist Johnny Copeland, whom she particularly singles out as a valuable source of advice and encouragement. Over time she figured out how to craft her rough ideas into polished musical statements. And the twenty-first century finds her now at the top of her game in this respect, as the seven new Trudy Lynn compositions on this disk so eloquently attest.

"Once I get a hook, something that might happen to the average person---you know, a catchy way to phrase it--I just trust that, just go with that," she says. "Once 1 get that good hook, I start writing around it, you know, story-wise: trying to put over the idea, drawing from both my own life and my understanding of how it is for other people."
As for the music--that sound that blends the emotive power of the blues with elements of sophisticated funk and soul--it comes to her naturally, despite the fact that she's never played an instrument. "Normally when I'm writing lyrics, first I can just tell if it ought to be a slow song or a fast song. Don't ask me how," she says with a laugh. "Then I get with a piano player or a guitar player, and just hum out what I'm trying to do. And that usually comes through pretty good."
Whether the final form is a love ballad such as the nostalgic" Memories Of You" or a slick blues such as the philosophical "No Deposit No Return", these songs are all Trudy, through and through.
But as Trudy reminds us, "I'm from Texas, so I know about country music too." Then she adds with a smile, "I'm giving it all a pretty funky flavor though." Ultimately these genre-blending experiments make perfect sense for a open-minded singer whose primary theme is the core reality of human relationships.

It all goes back to what she learned starting out in Fifth Ward, creative self-statement can be enhanced by a grasp of tradition and the fundamental truths. Trudy Lynn understands. Listen and you will too.

--Roger wood